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Love is in the air: we feel, see, touch, hear, and smell the aroma of love.  It is in everything and especially today because it is a day for all lovers. It is a good feeling to express our love and care for those people whom we greet.  It is challenging to express our love to those people who hurt us deeply – our enemies or people who we like less.  It is an effort and a takes courage to do what is against how we feel. But loving does not dwell on feelings alone, it is a matter of choice, a decision and a daily commitment.

Love comes from God as He is the source of all love. Only God, the one who first loved us, can teach us to love unconditionally. As St. John said in one of his letters:

“God loved us so much, we too should love one another. No one has ever seen God, but as long us we love one another God remains in us an His love comes to its perfection in us… that is why God the Father sent His Son as Saviour of the world. Anyone who acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God remains in him and he in God” (1 John 4)

Jesus is the source of all love. He is the King of all Hearts. He is the greatest and the best lover of all. He loves everybody – so much so that it brought Him to the cross when He laid down His life for, us, His friends. He is always the first to choose to love us. His heart is so huge that everyone has a room in it. No one can measure how much He loves us because the great passion and zeal of His heart is simply to love us. Let us turn our lives to Him and dwell on the sentiments and concerns of His heart.


In His Most Sacred heart, Jesus’ love is not expressed in words alone.  It lives, shows, shares, gives, and cares for us all. Let us be part of His love, deeply penetrating our hearts, so that it overflows into good deeds. May our hearts be formed like His. Let us continue with Him, contemplating His life full of love. As St. Annibale says:

If loving You means to suffer, let me suffer in order to love You.

Through the example of their own lives, the saints of this day like St. Cyril, St. Methodious and St. Valentine teach us about God’s unconditional love and how to love God and neighbour.

Happy Hearts Day!

Act of love

Jesus, I love You.

I love You with lively desire
I love You to satisfy the desire of Your heart
I love You in reparation for all the sins of the entire world
I love You in reparation for all the sins
I myself have dared to commit

I love You and ask love for my poor heart.

I love You for all the hearts
who do not know You yet

I love You for all the hearts
who do not like to love

I love You for the coldest hearts
I love You with hearts most fervent
I love You for the miserable sinners
I love You with all the just of the earth
I love You and I desire You
with the Holy Souls in Purgatory

I love You with the happy souls in heaven.

I love You with Mary Immaculate ever Virgin
I love You because absolutely I have decided
to love You until the last breath.

I love You so vividly because
I wish to love and enjoy You
in the beautiful paradise, for ever and ever.


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