Jesus, Divine Rogationist, is the source and model of our mission. Zeal sums up our mission: it is a self-giving, creative love that tirelessly seeks the good of others.

The Institute is like a single apostolic body in which individual communities integrate within the local Church and find the most effective way to embody its mission.

We are Gospel workers, women who prepare other workers by means of:

  • Pastoral service in parishes.

    Sister teaching children at school
  • Vocational guidance among young people.
  • Youth centres.
  • Hospitality for spiritual retreat days.
  • The promotion and cooperation of volunteers.
  • Missionary works and other forms of evangelisation.
  • Social works for human and Christian advancement by means of:
    • schools,
    • girls’ colleges,
    • day care centres,
    • hospitality centres for minors and mothers in difficulty,
    • centres for the elderly,
    • support for families facing hardship,
    • and in mission countries: nutrition centres and hospital out-patients’ departments.

Zeal for the salvation of our brothers and sisters and the spread of the Rogate impel us to go to all people, with the mission “ad gentes”.  Today, the FDZ’s 64 communities are to be found in Europe, America, Asia. Oceania and Africa.