Total gift of myself

Follow your heartGod reveals Himself as a faithful God, a God who is true to His Promise in spite of His People’s unfaithfulness and a God whose love is real and personal. He has plans for each one of us and He calls us to fulfill such plans in different ways and on different paths. And what He has in mind is the best for us.

Years ago, I felt that God called me to the Religious Life. And I chose to make my vows – this commitment was under the umbrella of “temporary religious profession” but in my heart it was forever.

Sr Jocelyn Kias FDZ
Sr Jocelyn Kias FDZ (right)

I was filled the gladness and started to sing for Joy for the wonderful things the Lord was unfolding in my life. God’s fidelity, becomes absolutely certain and unshakable, guaranteeing the continuity of our journey; these I held onto to reach the point where I would profess my perpetual “YES” because I found Him as my life.

Sr. Jocelyn Kias, FDZ

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