Christ’s compassion

The Word of the Gospel:

Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and illness. Seeing the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest! (Mt 9.35 to 38)

The world is the field of God, but people who are dedicated to its service are very few.

We need Holy Apostles: priests, consecrated men and women, missionaries, laypersons so that the love of God may reach everyone.  But these workers of the Gospel does not arise in the case, nor are formed by our own forces. They are the work of God’s mercy and come to us through prayer, as Christ has commanded us in the Gospel – ROGATE – PRAY:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”

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To Mary

Mother Mary

On this womb of Formation
Cares the one that holds me
Whisper to me the beauty of life
The life that is waiting for me.

Teach me the song of eternity
Speak to me the language of humility
Let all the words of love
Fill my heart, my mind.

When the world tries to snatch me away from you,
Mother, embrace me; hold me more
When trials and difficulties attempt to consume me
Be my comfort, stay at my side.

When I come to the end of my journey
Share with me your joy
Let me see the face of your Son
Your beloved Son, my God!

Monaliza Antonio

The Gentle Breeze

God of my journey I come seeking for you.

I listen to the wind, so mighty and strong.

I hear a thousand noises, coming from all around.

But you’re not there, nor here to find.

I stand before the mountain, of my longing heart.

Dandelion blowing in the breeze

I hear the sound, of a gentle breeze.

Blowing softly, touching, and soothing my thirsty soul.

O gentle breeze, in a gentle heart.

I breathe in life, and sing with joy.

For you are resting, within a quiet heart.

Sr M Yolanda Nava fdz

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Rogate – a challenge

Rogate mesage and wheat
It is a blessing for us, Daughters of Divine Zeal, to have our Rogationist Fathers who are always available to facilitate our monthly recollections.  That is a sign of the true spirit of being a Rogationist, ever ready to respond to the call of the present moment.  We are indeed grateful to God above all for them and we are happy to listen to them share their reflections and experiences that have moved our hearts and energised our spirits.   Our readiness to enflesh the charism in our daily activities and our endeavours towards holiness is once again revived.

Rogate, Charism, Spirituality has been spoken several times, from over a century ago to the present day.  Yet there is always something new that inspires and challenges us.  Words are not enough to articulate it – it is an overflowing interest welling from the Heart of Jesus, making it so vast and beyond full understanding.

The challenge remains fresh for us members of the Rogationist Family, for it is our identity to keep us zealous, ardent and ever burning to let others know the very command of Jesus, ‘Pray therefore to the Lord of the Harvest to send Labourers to His harvest’.  The spirit of the Rogate in itself moves us to reach out to others.

Rogate (pray) is a wonderful and precious gift of the Spirit to the Church.  It makes us, as consecrated to it, remain committed and responsible to this program of our life.  It is a way to respond the mission of Christ entrust to our “Padre” (St Annibale) which is handed down to us and from generation to generation.  We are then bearers and at the same time beneficiaries of this gift.

Love the Rogate, the Divine Command of Jesus, which is the source and centre of our community and prayer life, apostolate and all our actions.  Love, live, share and witness for to us is entrusted the precious, wonderful and challenging gift – the Divine Rogate.

Sr M Cielo Tanio fdz

Our music of witnessing

Community life is composed of different notes such that when the music master arranges them into their proper staff, they produce a harmonious melody with the lyrics of a song…

Music and birds
At the end of a seminar with Sr Mary Silvester, I was so enlightened.  Each person is precious in the community with their own strengths and weaknesses.   Looking at my own community, I perceived an increasing beauty.

Certainly, we need each other in order to draw out our best.  Yes, we are like notes scattered.  God gathers us together then puts us in our proper places; and when He plays, a tremendous melody can be heard.  The moment we isolate ourselves from the community or we choose to become out of tune, we are not only destroying ourselves but the whole community is affected.

We are responsible for one another.  Definitely we need someone expert – a music master – to tune our lives.  And that is none other than GOD.  May we give joy to Him and to those who are listening to our music of witnessing.

Sr M Jocelyn fdz

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To journey with a traveller

Most of them made their choice of wanting to leave everything in order to receive something to share…

Boat on a calm lake
It has been some time since I, as an aspirant’s formator, have journeyed with those who are seeking life’s direction.  I, too, experienced with them their discovery of life as a gift freely given, and with the freedom to refuse.  Most of them made their choice of wanting to leave everything in order to receive something to share.  The everyday journey, together with pauses to reflect and question with their fears and doubts, gave me the opportunity to ponder on who I was in the midst of these travellers.  It gave me the possibility to focus my attention on the many enriching opportunities that awaited them.  What became essential in my position was that I was gaining insights and strength to be with them and to be a person for others.  The experience helped me to grow to walk with others side by side.  It was difficult and could be very challenging!

What a joy, then, it was to discover that we did not journey alone but with a Great Traveller who was teaching us the art of journeying with all of our senses wide open.  I am grateful to Him for showing me what I have been called to be and to do.

My gratitude is expressed in living that which I discovered with the Great Traveller.  I am not alone.

Sr M Evelyn Pascua fdz

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My only love

My being rejoices with gladness, O Lord
For all the wonders you have done in my life.
I am amazed and in awe, O Lord
For the tremendous love and care
I have experienced in the days of my life.

Every time I think of you, my heart exalts
I pray to you with great joy
I thank you for the many times you have rescued me.
In moments of darkness and temptations
I find YOU always available and ready.

My great inspiration is the assurance that you are madly in love with me, a little creature.
So many times you have challenged me –
I trust in your love, so persistent and strong.
What more can I ask?

You have given me everything
That has sustained me in the journey of my life
And most especially you give me your instruments
Who continuously remind me
That everything here on earth is possible
When done in accordance with your will!

I unite my “YES!” with the “YES!” of Mary
Who leads me closer to you, Jesus.
I continue to glorify you, O Lord
My only love, my God!

Sr M Cielo Tanio fdz


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