Life at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most awaited events in the Church. It is a joyful celebration of life – the gracious presence of Jesus in our lives. Mary gave birth to a Son, ‘Emmanuel’, who brought light into the world. He is with us and wants to dwell in everyone’s heart.

Two years ago the world began experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic that has shattered the whole of humanity. Millions of people’s lives were lost and even up to now. Families have lost hope and cannot go forward through the present challenges of life. It’s all darkness! It needs grace to go beyond – we need Jesus the Saviour to enlighten our mind and heart. He is the Jesus who comes “The infinite love made flesh” as St. Annibale M. Di Francia refers in one of his writings many years ago. His trust and confidence in the baby Jesus was enormous that even up to now gives inspiration to his Spiritual Children, the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Rogationist Fathers and all people who believe.

It is still a difficult time for everyone but we give thanks for Christmas season. It is a time to bring us to the reality of life: God is with us and He never abandons us! Hold firm to your faith and let’s start a new beginning. Let the light of Christ shine in your face and let it sink into your heart so we can feel and experience the loving presence and tender care of God.

“Jesus Christ is coming let us wait with joyful and grateful hearts.”  He wants to dwell in our heart and be the centre of our lives.”

People are confused about what to do in life. They doubt the meaning of Christmas in their lives. Thus, it is time once again to refresh in our heart the meaning of Christmas for us Christians. Christmas is the coming of Jesus. He is the real light that warms the heart, brightens the darkness of life. Jesus our Saviour, who came to us a long time ago, will come again. This Christmas we welcome Jesus, who is coming now in our lives and in the Church! He wants to dwell in your heart and in my heart! Let us not miss this precious opportunity! Rejoice, because Jesus is with us!

Let this yuletide season be a celebration of a new ‘life at Christmas’ in Jesus. We rejoice with Joseph and Mary with the loving presence of Jesus the Emmanuel, God with us!

What difference will Christmas make to your life? Happy Christmas and a peace-filled New Year ahead!

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