Present matters

We have now marked the beginning of a new year so let us think about what it means to begin afresh.

When the sun is up, it signals a new day to start anew.

Yes it does! Whether you like it or not, it is never the same as yesterday and that is reality!

Each day is a RENEWAL of your being: a chance to see deeper your initial plans and somehow recheck what’s on your bucket lists or even about having more positive insights and filling up yourself with grace-filled energy.

Present matters and most often we used to hear the following which is the best reminder to ourselves to grow maturely in our relationship towards our family, friends, colleagues and to our God:

  1. Be at your BEST than yesterday
  2. Be more STRONG than you were the other day
  3. Be more GRATEFUL than yesterday
  4. Be more KIND and gentle
  5. Be more SERENE

Indeed be a NEW YOU! A you that is being LOVED by God each day without measure, beyond words, without conditions. Yesterday was an experience of becoming the BEST version of yourself today and onwards.

Certainly present matters!

God our Father, may we always profit by the prayers of the Virgin Mother Mary, for you bring us life and salvation through Jesus Christ her Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Feast of Mary, Mother of God Prayer

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