Hoping for hope

Advent wreath. Based on image courtesy of pixabay.com

We are now approaching Christmas. When the Solemnity of Christ the King is celebrated, it marks the end of the Liturgical year of the Church calendar. Christ the King gives His important message to us about the reign of His Kingdom and we are all invited to be there with Him.

We are now ready to start the advent journey, the season that will bring us in preparation for Christmas. We feel already Christmas is here because of the ambiance: we hear Christmas carols playing, colourful Christmas decorations abound, small and big Christmas trees are displayed, different kinds of Christmas food are available in the small stalls and supermarkets, beautiful outfits or Christmas attires are there, and we feel the joyful mode of the celebration is in the atmosphere. We cannot afford to be sad because the Son of God is coming, the joyful season is here already. All of these makes the season so colourful.

At this time, we are in the waiting moment, and what we are hoping for in that huge celebration of Christ’s birth is the One for Whom we are longing in our life.  We are hopeful that Christ will be in our hearts and within each one of us. We commemorate His birth …He is born for us, and He will be reborn in us every day throughout our lives. This little child is the joy of our heart, He gives us life, everlasting life.

Let us be reminded that Christmas focuses on the birth of the child Jesus. He the Christ who loves us unconditionally. It is Christ’s love that we are celebrating.  May each day be a celebration of that pure, divine love. Christ must be the centre of our various celebrations and parties because He is the reason why we have Christmas.  Jesus is God’s greatest gift to us. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Let us, then, prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus in our heart, in our family and in everything we do. This child Jesus will bring us peace and give joy to us. He is the Prince of Peace, our Joy, our Hope and our Love.
Maranatha, Come O Christ the Lord!


Come O Holy Child Jesus
Be with us, Stay with us,
Make our hearts be filled with Your love.
Teach us to celebrate Your love each day of our life.
In loving You, Jesus, keep our heart ever joyful.
Help us to be ready to welcome You always in our heart,
At any time when you visit us in our homes,
In the Church and in any place we meet You.
Come Lord Jesus, come into our life.


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