Keep moving forward!

Holy Family, new year. Composite graphics from images courtesy of

It is the first day of the new year and we say thanks to 2017 and give a big hearty welcome to 2018. Grace upon graces, let us give thanks to the Lord for what has occurred in our life’s journey – it is now in the past. Always be thankful to God for all the things we have learned and let us recall all the wrong things we have done that have helped us to become a better person and continually improve our life.

The new year starts with the Solemnity of Mary, Most Holy Mother of God, celebrating her Divine Motherhood. She accompanies us always and gives us her maternal blessings to continue the battle of life for good while we come to face the new chapter and be ready for the challenges of our life. Our Lady clothes us with her tender love, protection, guidance and support. Fear not, because God is ahead of us! We, as beloved sons and daughters of God, must continue to put our trust and confidence in His Son, Jesus, to be with Him in our journey of faith, hope and love.

Yesterday (31 December) we celebrated the Feast of The Holy Family of Nazareth. Jesus, Mary and Joseph teach us the way to live in harmony, unity, peace and reconciliation in our family, community and the whole Church as the people of God. Let us always be connected and in communion with one another.

The beginning of a year is a good place to start planning to improve our life.  Making our new year’s resolutions can guide us and make us aware of how we can achieve this so we can choose what is the best and good in life and omit the things that are unnecessary or unimportant. We keep moving forward to commit ourselves to love God even more and to be His humble servant. This planning and listing of the necessary things for a good life’s journey is a great way to refresh our life, and to try and foresee things that will help us be a better person as we go on our journey as joyful, holy people of God, the Church. We strive to be on the path to perfection towards God.

Let us make this year different to last year. Surely, we are not that same person who was on yesterday’s journey because we have gained more wisdom about life. Life is dynamic and a constant progression towards a holy perfection. It is true that we cannot reach this perfection by ourselves because only God, Who is the Perfect One, can help us be a better person with His grace and help.

Never forget to arm ourselves with constant prayer – that will keep us holding on to God. Keep the memorable journeys of our life as these will sustain us in living our best all, for God’s greater glory. Be inspired, enjoy and gain every encounter with the Lord our God, the source of our life and strength.

And finally, re-read Pope Francis’ Message for the New Year 2017!

Happy New Year to All!

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