For God so loved the world

A hug for the world. Image courtesy of


God’s immense love for us was shown through His sending us His only begotten Son. Even though we are sinners, He continues to manifest His untiring love for us – and He never will give up loving us. We are surrounded with the beauty and the greatness of His creation, reminding us of His mighty power and, above all, His love for us. He sets us free to choose what we want in life, giving us the free will to make it progressive and livable but in many circumstances we abused the greatness of His love. Nevertheless, our God never loses hope for us. He gives us inspiration that keeps us going on and on.

So lovely is the heart of God. In loving Him there is life to the full.  If we stop loving, naturally we stop living. In the name of His love we humbly ask God that we may grow in His love. Every day we continue searching for Him, to see and feel His daily presence. If we are always connected with God in our prayers and thoughts, our being will be connected to the One who makes our life centred with, for and in Him forever.

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