Following the One in your heart

Follow, heart, treasure. Image composite of photos courtesy of

The Lord calls us to be happy. He loves us and because He loves us He gives us the freedom to choose the status of life in which we want to be contented. He is happy if He sees that we are happy. He invites us to be with Him, to be part of His life through answering His call, whether this be in married, single or religious life.

I responded to my calling to the religious life. Jesus’ words of invitation “Come Follow Me” had – and still has – a great impact on my everyday, lifetime commitment to Him to live faithfully in my prayer life, apostolate, community life, vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, prayer for vocations (Rogate, our fourth vow). Through this, I keep answering His call to be with Him.

Being attuned to God’s voice, echoing deeply in my heart, can be difficult as I listen and humbly do His will for me. I always ask the Lord for the grace of humility, trust and a pure heart to follow Him and to live this challenging life. Being loved by God gives me an inspiration to give back this love to others, especially to those who are in most need. His love is the source of my joy and zeal of following Him everyday. Once there is that zeal of God’s love in everyone’s heart who have followed Jesus, it will help energize us to the value of following Him as the main purpose of our life.

Life is beautiful, meaningful and worth living. Only those hearts who love God will truly enjoy the beauty of life and can follow His ways.

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