Servant of God

Woman of faith walking with Jesus. Composite images from

Loving God is a blessing that is sustained by God Himself.  That love is to be nourished each day with prayers and good will.  Prayers with sincere dialogue and by meditating on His words.  Words that give enlightenment, encouragement, joy and peace in our hearts.

One pleasant morning I was sitting and meditating on the gospel of St. Luke 12: 35-38, about the “vigilant and faithful servants.”  I invoked the coming of the Holy Spirit to guide and help me in my meditation.  I was led to see myself being carried by Jesus on His back.  I was carried like a growing girl, full of joy and confidence in Him.  Knowing the real me, His servant, I told Jesus that it was awkward to be carried as I was no longer a child but, rather, a full grown woman.  I was surprise by an inner voice saying: “being carried on My back is a great assurance for you to walk on the right path, leading towards holiness.” I savoured His words and I was inspired, enlightened and felt at peace.  I thanked and praised Jesus. I felt much courage at that time and my trust in Him deepened.

What a beautiful dialogue with the Lord, with His great love and assurance.  His encouragement to a servant like me who would walk on His path and follow His will.  As the gospel said:  “blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival.”  A servant who totally surrenders him/herself to God, witnessing the Good News to people near and far alike.   A servant who is committed and ready to serve in times of need.   All for the glory of God and for the salvation of man.

As religious, like other people we are confronted by many challenges in life.  Our life circumstances might be pleasant or unpleasant.  What is important is to be always humble, taking in the entire situation and considering all possibilities as a learning process to be like Jesus.  Jesus, whose heart is full of love and determination to do the will of the Father.

Walking side by side with Jesus with love and zeal in our hearts will help us do everything for His sake.

We become vigilant servants to let Jesus be known to His people in our little ways.  His mercy, love and care is extraordinary and to be accepted by the people. I pray that all of us baptized Christians may share in the leaders’ responsibility to perform our duties as Christians.   In loving and caring for each other, may our love be deepened and our faith be  purified.  May we each remain faithful as a true servant of God.

O Holy Spirit, be with us, guide and teach us in all our undertakings as children and servants of God.  Amen!

Article image is a composite of two photos (Son of God and Nativity Story) courtesy of

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