Treasuring the treasured one

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Jesus told us short stories about the Kingdom of God. He used parables in order for us to better understand what the Kingdom of God means because He wants all of us to be with Him in His Kingdom. Some of His parables include the finding of the buried treasure, the fine pearls and the net thrown into the sea. Having these parables told by Jesus gives us important matters to ponder. It is how much valuable, important, precious and unique the thing is… that is what I have understood about God’s Kingdom.

We differ from each other in our choices and likes in life, and there are many certain things that we value most in our life, like a house, car, land, any  significant and valuable inheritance, jewellery with a sentimental value, job, leisure, places, relationships, family life, chosen vocation in life, friendship, health and so on and so forth.  However, at a higher level of understanding and at the spiritual level, we find that God is the greatest treasure.

God is the most treasured one because in Him we are full in richness – just thinking of Him is enough. We feel God’s presence and we can see God within other people through their good and right intentions of serving.  God manifests Himself in the way we do good deeds, how we relate to others and in our attitude in life. We notice people who live simply – those who perhaps do not have many, if any, luxurious material things in life.  Yet they are happy because there is God in their life. In God and with God there is a genuine and true happiness in life. Happiness does not depend on how much money we have in the bank, if we own one or more big houses, how many material things we have accumulated in life, how popular we are in our collection of friends.  All of these things are superficial and not lasting  – and they may actually hinder us in seeing the love of God in our life. Consider how many people there are who have all kinds of luxurious things and seem to be replete with all manner of material things.  Are they happy? In the sermon of the Mount Jesus said in one of the beatitudes:

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Even if we are numbered among the poorest of the poor, we have an incurable sickness, have experienced any type of persecution or problems, if we allow God in our life everything will be fine. Our fears turn into hope, sadness turns to joy, hatred to love because God consoles us. He is greater than anything else. There is nothing to worry about all the difficulties, pains and sufferings we have here on earth. They are temporary – we only have to bear all the unpleasant things, be patient and sacrifice – and only God is lasting. We need to be looking forward to the eternal happiness of living in God’s Kingdom, because He is the joy of our heart.  Jesus has prepared a place for us.

We continue to treasure God in our life. He is the source of contentment and richness in our life. God’s Kingdom is already at hand and we have experienced it if we have joy and peace in our heart. Let us continue to live His Kingdom here, right now, and in doing so, be an inspiration to others.

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