A life lived in faith

Boat in sunset. Background image courtesy of pixabay.com

Our life is destined towards a certain vocation. The chosen path that we walk will lead us to the vocation to which God is calling us. The general call is a call to holiness in life. Whatever vocation we have responded to, whether it be to married life, single blessedness, or as a religious, each day is a call to holiness and to live in faith, hope and with the love of God. Our experiences somehow direct us to the calling that God wants us to answer so that we can grow in our Christian way of living.  God wants us to have a happy life.  He gives us the freedom to choose the vocation we want to follow with a good discernment.

Perseverance is a big challenge to be faithful and to remain steadfast to the promise we have made to God. Living with faith and trusting in God’s grace is a lifelong, daily journey. Our prayer life in contact with God is very important – it will help us to persevere until the end of our life. We need God to direct us on the right path of discernment in choosing to do His will. Doing His will is not an easy task – we must learn to be humble, be patient with ourselves and others, and within many aspects of life, to sacrifice and to have a heart that knows how to listen and obey His will. But everything is possible with God. Our life is lived in faith, and our believing in God will help us to reach our destination to be with Him in His Kingdom at our final end on earth.

Let us walk humbly, act justly and persevere joyfully with the Lord. Our prayers will help us to persevere in growing in our faith, hope and love.

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