Jesus you are my all in all

jesus-pixabayWe live in this mysterious world and each day our life is an unfolding of mystery upon mystery. We, who believe in God, easily feel His presence in our life because we are already in tune with Him. He reminds us in every living being, in the beauty and wonders of His creation, in the vastness of the universe, in simple loving gestures of words and deeds – in everything that is good, right and true.

We who believe in His existing presence are with those who continue to search for and journey with Him, with a nurturing faith through constant prayer. Whether in good times or in those hard times when we sometimes don’t understand why these have happened and keep asking ourselves “why me Lord?”, we must still keep believing that He leads us and never abandons us. We must continue calling His  Most Holy Name and put all our trust in Him.

Jesus, You give us the true and constant joy in our life. We thank You for the greatness of your love that has never been compared with any other most precious things here on earth.  Jesus You are our everything – our all in all – in our life.

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