Touched by God

Saints intercede for us

God never lacks grace for those who love and trust Him.  He sends us friends as a gift that everyone can cherish in their lives.

One afternoon, during my meditation on the love and mercy of God, the lives of the Saints flashed within me.   Saints of whose lives I read years ago and of their relationship with the Lord.  The Saints are close to God and they incarnate in their hearts the love and mercy of God in their lives and their apostolate.

The life stories of the Saints and their prayers are remarkable.  They are real stories that touch the heart and give a spark of light – a light that gives meaning in our daily life journey. I would like to share few remarkable ones that transpired in me:

St. Annibale Ma. Di Francia, a man of prayer, spent many days and nights before the Blessed Sacrament. He had a profound love for God, a desire for holiness, and constant prayer for his conversion.  He prayed:  “My God, create a pure heart, and renew an upright spirit in me! Give me a new mind and a new will to know you, to act against my nasty nature vigorously and generously, to seek the good, and to mortify myself in order to take your kingdom.” (FS p.35)

St. Leopold Mandic, a Capuchin friar who untiringly heard the confession of many people.  He cared for his friends and he took time responding to their letters.  His strong faith was communicated to others – when they asked for spiritual advice he said:  “Have faith! Everything will be alright.  Faith, faith.” (Capuchin Friars Pamphlet)

St. Therese of Lisieux, a Carmelite nun, patron of the missions and popularly known as the Little Flower.  She said: “We have the ability to make this ordinary time extra ordinary with little acts of love.”  Therese in her “little way” trusted Jesus to make her holy and relied on small sacrifices instead of great deeds. (Catholic Online)

As I am writing this article I feel so little – like I am nothing.  It seems that I cannot continue to write, for who am I to be touched by these great Saints?  Yet, I realize that God is the One who touches me through the Saints’  influential examples of a virtuous life.  Yes, our God will never lack grace for those who love and trust Him.  He sends us friend as gifts that we can cherish in our lives.  I consider these Saints as my heavenly friends, from whose examples I can learn, witness and lean upon, through their intercessions.

I believe that the Saints who are close to our hearts speak in our lives: their profound love for God and neighbour; their love of doing His will; their prayers and joy of serving Him through our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I know I have just a tiny spark of their ways.  I need to grow more and learn from them.

Touched by God, I respond in my own little ways with love, faith and joy.  I persevere in doing what is pleasing to Him.  Like the Saints, our constancy in doing good to others will surely keep us to the path on which God is leading us.  Our faith and love for Him will never fail us but rather strengthen our relationship with Jesus and the blessed Virgin Mary, His mother.  God is merciful to all His children.  His loving touch makes all the difference.

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