Mary Bambinella: Who is she?

Maria Bambinella.  Image courtesy of FDZ Italy.
Maria Bambinella. Image courtesy of FDZ Italy.

Today, 08 September, is the Feast of the Nativity of Mary.  The child Mary, also known as Maria Bambina or Maria Bambinella had a special place in the heart of St Annibale, and she continues to have a special place in the hearts of every Rogationist and Daughter of Divine Zeal.

In the celebration of this feast we are called to praise the Most Holy Trinity for the marvels accomplished in Mary, from the moment of her conception and to contemplate the first fruits of redemption which Christ has wrought in her.

St Annibale declaims:

Mary forms the wonder of the angels: who is she who comes from the desert?  I hear the voice of all the angels who thus exclaimed in the creation and conception of Mary! Who is she who comes from the desert?  This desert is the nothing from which God draws all being, how many of them has God drawn, and how many of them will He draw!  But no being will equal this creation that formed and is forming the amazement of all the angels and of all creation.

We will never succeed in understanding what an abundance of grace God has poured into the heart of Mary from the very instant that He created her, how many loving touches, how many gentle charms He had exercised on that heart; how many tender effects, how many gentle playful jokes, in the way known only to Him.  We only know that grace perfects nature wonderfully, often even so as to regenerate it.  Under the bathing of grace, the most rough souls, the most indelicate natures become docile, tender and sensible.  We know that the fire of divine love, once it enters into a heart, purifies it from all earthly affection, renews it and divinizes it.

(cf. Writings Vol 21, pp. 9 e 153).

O wonderful little Baby, mystical dawn, joyful door of heaven: from your little cradle stretch kindly your hand and guide us in the journey of life. (Extract of song for the Vigil of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Image Source: Festa della Natività della B.Vergine Maria – Daughters of  Divine Zeal Italy


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  1. Mary bambinella you are dearest in our hearts. Pray for us and all our brothers and sisters’ in need. We love you.

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