Treasuring the Most Precious One

Woman in the field. Image courtesy of pexels.comEach person is destined for a particular vocation in life. Our calling is a gift, a treasured gift. If you have found it and know that it has a great value for your life then it is the right time to make a sincere decision. You may wish to do everything just to own this treasure,  and to renounce other things of less value that may hinder you in having it.  Above all, your desire makes it a priority in your life to treasure the Most Precious One who has given you this gift: God

As we mature and grow in wisdom, we make a definite choice in life, like a  particular vocation to which we want to respond, commit, live and hope to persevere in until the end of our whole life because it gives us an inspiration, and is the source of our life and strength. Such a calling identifies to the person the state of his or her life, such as the married life, being single, or joining the religious or priestly life. It is a great treasure in your heart that draws you to respond with a total commitment.

If you have ever found the treasure that you are looking for and you believe that the calling in your heart to respond and commit is intensely strong, then go for it. This is already one of the signs that you are called by God and set aside for goals He has destined for you.  It is your program in life that you are desiring to make happen – follow those dreams for your future.

With all things comes, firstly, prayer.  This is important to be able to make the right decision with sincerity and honesty in your heart. You are the only one who can make a real and truthful decision and prayer will help you to discern this.  The gift of vocation is truly a gift to treasure. It is fragile, it is a gift of a way of life that deals with commitment and responsibility, and you have to nurture it with daily prayer to ask for God’s assistance, guidance and protection.  Pray… and pray more to help you to be faithful to your daily commitment. Prayer helps you a lot as communicating with God is the source of gaining wisdom.  It will avert you from any acts of infidelity towards your commitment. Prayer leads you to persevere until the end of life.

What is important also is to ask guidance from those people you trust and with whom you are comfortable in sharing your life’s experiences. If you treasure the vocation you have chosen then set your heart, mind, body – the whole of your being – to love and treasure the Most Precious One who gave this gift to you.  It is He who chooses us, it is He who is calling us to a particular vocation in life, and it is He who always gives us the freedom to answer that calling to the chosen vocation.

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