The variation of becoming a teacher

pais-teacher01One of the most important and useful ideas in Mathematics is that two variables may be related to each other in such a way that, if one of the quantities increases or decreases, the other quantity may also be increased or decreased in a definite way. This idea is called variation. To be a teacher is indeed identical to variation – direct, inverse, joint and combined.

Likewise, teaching at the Padre Annibale Integrated School (PAIS) manifests the four types of variation in lots of ways:

  • Direct: as I teach my students day by day, I get challenge inch by inch precisely because the lessons I taught    affect my personal growth as a teacher myself.
  • Inverse: giving the students lots of hands-on activities each day, I am certain that there is an increase of learning and a passing on of knowledge.
  • Joint: I keep on hoping that whatever transpired in my day to day encounter with the students may bear fruit in the future. And with our (teacher-pupil) combined effort to learn and grow, I may say that one of the best pedagogy in teaching is bringing the best in every student by allowing them to move according to their phase – to be able to learn by doing.

In addition, teaching at PAIS is of constant ratio in terms of my personal dealings with my students. Though at times, my equation in teaching is very complicated in its structure, I do believe that I am still able to represent every variable that exists.  All I need to do is to add up my patience, endurance, dedication, prayers and love so that at the end, the output will be in a maximum mode.

To sum up, teaching at PAIS is such an enjoyable and memorable variable in the various lessons of life.   It challenges me to give my best so that I can always be of help to my students.  So help me God!

Joel Marnie Lorenzo
PAIS Mathematics Teacher

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