With Jesus, I take another step

With a grateful heart I give thanks to the Lord for the grace of vocation and for the grace of holy perseverance in my journey to follow Him.  Send, o Lord Holy apostles into Your Church!

On 08 December 2013, I felt a great joy deep in my heart  for the great love of God showered upon myself and my three companions.   God was showing us that He wanted us to continue to follow Him in another phase of formation: the Novitiate.

Novices before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I was so excited when I wore the beige skirt, the uniform for the novices,  and many times I looked at myself and I felt so happy that I was about to take another step in my formation.  At 4pm we had the evening prayer in our Community in Navotas in the Philippines and afterwards, we went to our Community in MND where the Eucharistic Celebration was being held, during which there was the renewal of vows of three Junior Sisters: Sr M Glenda fdz, Sr M Fransiska Erna fdz and Sr Lillette Marie fdz.

During the Holy Mass I felt so nervous and I could not understand really what I felt.  I tried to keep my emotions in check all throughout.  When the Celebration of the Holy Mass came to an end and we were about to be accepted into the Novitiate, I felt more nervous, especially when we were called by name, one by one.  I tried to calm myself by silently praying: “Lord this is your will.” When Mother Elna, the Superior Delegate, asked us: “What do you ask?” and we began to read the answer to the question, my heart was full of joy and so it was also when we received the emblem of the Heart.  While I was looking at it hanging from my neck, I realised that this was the Heart of Jesus that I was wearing so there would be no need to be afraid because even though I am may not be faithful He would be always be  faithful to me as He promised: “I will be with you until the end of time”.

Novice Yustina

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