The Eucharist and a Eucharistic Life

Most Catholic Christians know what Eucharist is.  But the challenge to live a Eucharistic life is ever a reality since its institution until the present time.  Having instituted the Eucharist, Jesus our Lord posits a way of living that he himself practically lived. Christ’s pedagogy is excellent; simple it may seem yet hard to follow.  Jesus Christ in His lifetime proposed several ways as to how a human person should live meaningfully his/her entire earthly existence. The Holy Scripture is his/her proof.  If only each one would be conscious of this challenge in living out a Eucharistic life, then the Kingdom longed for by all Christians would already be a reality.  It would be “here and not yet.”

Putting these thoughts into writing made me feel all the more lowly and an unworthy servant of God or should I call myself the ‘bride’ of Christ.  On the other hand, this is for me a personal confrontation, to defy worldly interests and put forward my inner desires that God alone can decipher.  However, Jesus my Lord badly needs my collaboration and cooperation.  I firmly believe that God asks nothing of me.  I only need to humble myself so as to receive and learn to acknowledge His insurmountable graces.  For it is only through this that I could live a truly Eucharistic Life.

Sr M Alma Dazo fdz

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