A day to remember

On 23 March 2012, we, the graduating class of 2011-2012 at Padre Annibale School in the Philippines, went to the St Michael Retreat House in Antipolo City for a one-day recollection. Upon arrival I was so amazed at the peace and beauty of the place.I told myself: “Wow! This is really different.” And it was indeed!

Fr Viktor Aurellana, a Rogationist priest, was already there when we arrived. He was our facilitator for the day. Immediately after settling ourselves in, we started the session with a couple of videos. The first one was about the man without hands and feet and the second one was about the pencil. Both were videos to behold and very much connected to our lives as young travellers in this world.

Afterwards, we were told by Father to draw two kinds of pencil, passing our notebooks for others to write three characteristics about the owner of the pencil. It was an activity which surprised me. My classmates wrote things which I didn’t expect from them. I learned something about myself of which I was not aware. The whole morning was spent on input from Fr Viktor and integration.

In the afternoon we had the confession and concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration. It was a very different experience for me. I truly felt the loving presence of God.

I really thank the people who made this retreat possible and above all I thank God for the many discoveries and learning I got from the recollection. Likewise, I thank Him for our safe trip and a very memorable day. It really was a day to remember.

Josephine Pamisa, Grade 6
St Jerome (PAS Marikina)

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