Being accepted into the novitiate

I could not imagine how great the love of God is for me, all these years of my stay in the convent of the Daughters of Divine Zeal. My companions and I, now novices, have been through many experiences. The time of formation is very important for me. It made me strong and prepared me for the novitiate. Travelling together with my companions made the journey more enjoyable, despite the difficulties I encountered; the sharing, caring and support made the burden lighter. I found life meaningful and I experienced peace and serenity. I hope that God will always give me the strength and patience to discover more His plan for me.

Last 08 December we celebrated the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving for the Church and for us Daughters of Divine Zeal, she having been proclaimed as the Divine Superior of the Institute by Father Founder St Hannibal. It was a special day for me and my companions; it was the day we were accepted to the novitiate. I thank God because He did not look upon my lowliness, but accepted me for what I am.

That experience enabled me to overcome the negative thought that so often invaded my mind. There were times when I felt that God had forsaken me but the truth is He loves me so much and He knows how to bring out the good in me. He knows what is best for me; what I need is just to lay my cares before Him, so that I may experience the freedom and assurance of God’s love and join Him in praying: “Whom do I have in heaven but You, and having you, I desire nothing on earth”.

FDZ Novice

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