A vocation in Africa

Sr Corazon in Cameroon, Africa

Our Mission in Cameroon opened on 28 November 2003; our first mission in Africa was established in Rwanda. Even though I have been in Cameroon for quite a while I am still affected by the reality of daily life – there is so much poverty around me – and by the beautiful faces of children haunted by hunger.  These children come to our convent at all hours of the day; a lot of them come during our 6pm prayer, begging for food.

One day, two little girls handed over a beautiful  drawing on a piece of crumpled paper and written on it were the words: “vous etes la plus belle de toutes le fleurs de la foret”, which means: “You are the most beautiful of all the flowers in the forest”. During our sharing that evening, Sr Nivanda, who is a native of Rwanda, Africa and I reflected on what the children had written to us. These children see us as beautiful persons, as we see them as beautiful children.  It is disheartening to see these innocent children going hungry (sucking their fingers must help them forget the grumblings of their stomach), dressed in old and tattered clothes. Some of them do not even know their biological father since they live in a country where polygamy is practised.

I feel so inadequate most often in not being able to give enough to feed not only the children who come begging at the convent, but also those beyond our walls. And I really have to learn fast the language here so I can better relate to, teach, and comfort these children. It is not so easy in this part of the world to do Jesus’ mission proclaiming the Kingdom.  However, the great consolation is that we are able to share the presence of Christ within and among us, and these people are happy and glad that they are cared for. Moments of frustration in not being able to do great things to help the Cameroon people sometimes fill my days and nights at  unexpected intervals. I feel helpless; but I know the Lord is with me, and will always be there for me, whispering these words:

Courage my daughter, I am with you
Obey  my words: that will make you strong
Remember, I love you with an everlasting love; be
Assured of my constant presence and have
Zeal for my Kingdom
Only me is the source of your being
Namaste! Let the God in you adore the God in others.

Sr Corazon Angayon fdz

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