It is the Lord!

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The drama of the passion and death of Jesus is over. We join together with the apostles, His followers and friends in rejoicing during this season of Easter because He is alive and is risen from the dead. He repairs our heartaches, pains and sufferings. The daily liturgical readings during the Easter season reveal to us the mixed feelings and emotions of excitement, joy and jubilant celebration of His presence.

Jesus revealed Himself at the breaking of the bread – the apostles recognized Him and one of them cried out loud with excitement, “…It is the Lord!” Their hopeless and desperate feelings were transformed into joy that made their hearts burn with His love. It is the encounter with Jesus that keeps the memory of Him within our heart that is on fire with His love for us. We, too, in the depths of our heart and our being rejoice once we recognise Him in the many circumstances that happen to us in our lives. We continue meeting and seeking Him  in our daily ordinary journeys so that we may recognise Him in  His very presence. Happy are we who meet Him with the eyes of faith. Looking at our experiences we can come to understand that He is here among and within us.

Looking forward to our meeting with Jesus, we may rejoice.  We may also feel the pain of being with the suffering and persecuted Christ through those people who are in agony because of problems they are facing in life. We should never become discouraged and we should never stop searching for God throughout our life for the time will come when we shall recognise Him and say “…It is the Lord!” who is always there for us.

Today and always, let us be one with the apostles rejoicing in the presence of the resurrected Christ. Yes, it is the Lord with and through whom we witness His life, love, and mercy. We always have the hope that one day we will be reunited with Him in the everlasting life to come, to partake in the joy of being in His presence forever.

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