A life of active contemplation

Jesus, Mary and Martha. Image courtesy of turnbacktogod.com

On 02 February, the Church celebrates a day dedicated to all consecrated persons. On this day, particularly, we remember to pray in a special way for those who tried their best to be a witness to Christ’s life through living in His love.

Bible stories convey to us spiritual messages. The different images or icons used in the Bible are important to look at in a deeper way and with more meaningful interpretation. This will help our spiritual life grow in the love of God as we are called to live life in active contemplation. What does this mean? It means we are called to balance our prayer and our active life of service.

Mary and Martha are well-known and good examples of the consecrated life, the life of prayer and action. The importance of prayer and service applies to any status of life, whether you are in single blessedness, in married life or in consecrated life.  Prayer and active service need to be in balance in our day to day living. Our day is not only ‘work and work’ or ‘pray and pray’.  It is a harmony of doing service and finding time for God.

So, how do we try to achieve this balance? Set a time for personal prayer and blend this in with time for service. These two acts are important, inseparable, and create a life of active contemplation. That our work is offered for God and constantly connected with God as we work, is what I mean as active contemplation.  What we pray about is a continuous act of giving and your love for serving people is a love for serving God.

We pray and work for God’s glory and all in all for God. It is for the reign of His Kingdom that we make this a constant act of prayer and service in God’s presence. Our prayer has life lived in action – what we pray for we try to apply in our actions. Our day is offered for God which means that it is centred in and all for God’s glory. This is the purpose of our life – we give back to Him the gift of our life.

God is the reason and inspiration for our day to day existence. Jesus teaches us that He is in communion with His Father through prayer before He starts the day and He ends the day the same way – always being in communion with God the Father. We become more effective in our day to day journey if we pray and make God the centre of our life, the source of our existence.

Image courtesy of turnbacktogod.com

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