Silence of love

Silence will facilitate our deep relationship with God as we begin to encounter Him and communicate with Him.  When we speak of silence, we are not speaking of empty silence or avoiding talking to one another; but it is the silence of our hearts and our whole being that allows us to listen to God who speaks to us.  Everyone must have had this experience, in different perspectives, forms or signs.  Some listen through nature to the sound of animals and others.  Silence for some is listening to the whisper of the wind.  Silence is where we find comfort, harmony, relaxation… where we can be in touch with God and be closer to Him.

The realisation of God’s presence in us begins with silent listening.  If a person is silent and knows how to listen, we usually say that she/he is capable of deep contemplation, prayer and recollection.  All of us have this experience of deep contemplation and listening which allows us to recognise God’s voice in our hearts leading us to a closer intimacy with Him.  There are distractions around us and outside of us but the hardest  struggles are with the “inner” distractions. Reflecting on this, I consider my retreat a blessing, an opportunity where I can experience a silent listening: in inner silence with a listening heart to God’s Word, voice and inspiration.

“Speak Lord, your servant is listening”, this passage from the book of Samuel serves as an invitation for me to be more aware and to ponder all His goodness throughout my journey.  The experience of Samuel gives me something new to learn: to be silent in prayer and to confide in God’s Divine Presence in our hearts.  It is in this silence, done willingly for love of Him whom we want to listen to, that we can hear His invitation, His voice speaking to us everyday through events and people.

Sr M Floriana Uto fdz

How do you experience the silence of love?

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