To love, cherish and welcome

The Word of the Lord encourages us on this journey of spiritual renewal of Lent towards the joy of Easter. From the desert of our aridity, we are called to be witnesses of God’s goodness, bearing fruits of good works. Faced with the two painful events mentioned by Jesus in the Gospel and the image of the barren tree, we say:

Jesus, after two years of pandemic, we have found ourselves with the horrors of a war in the middle of Europe. We ask ourselves why there is so much suffering of families and the cries of innocent children. We wonder where is our God of love? You give us the answer with your example and tell us to put ourselves in your perspective.

These are opportunities to look up to God and review our life. To be credible, our faith must bear the fruits of good works. Lord, take care of our heart and strengthen it with your Word. Help us to discover your presence among us and free our heart from the prejudices that make us blind and do not let us see the good present in the gestures and words of those who live next to us.

Teach us to live this time of insecurities and precariousness, basing our choices on what does not pass. Teach us to discover in every man and woman the unique and precious face of a brother and sister to love, cherish and welcome.


Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ


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