The way of God

In the Church all of us have an identical radical vocation, the likeness of Christ which is a gift of our Baptism.  Every state of life answers to a vocation and God’s providence leads each person to fulfil the divine plan He established for him/her and for all the people.

Each vocation must be lived, first of all, in the conversion and in the way of the Cross.  Vocation is a dynamic reality which we progressively fulfil in the dialogue with God and His people, in fidelity and in service.  This path of faith starts with Baptism, root of the Christian vocation, and matures in the continued availability to the action of the Spirit.  Every state of life, therefore, must be presented as authentic vocation which involves human life permanently.

Even the prayer for vocations must be done in a context of conversion.  Prayer cannot be limited to verbal expression; it implies authentic availability to the divine call.  To pray for vocations in the name of Jesus means first of all to want what Jesus wants in the total availability of the person and in love which urges us to serve the Father and the brothers and sisters.  To listen to the Word of God and to commit ourselves in a vocation means to convert ourselves from our own ways to the pathway of the Lord; it means to transform ourselves in the spirit of renewal.

Let us pray that the Lord may grant us apostles who will lead us to conversion.  May the Lord convert us so that our commitment may be a source of vocations.

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Do I trust God enough?

BBQ Invite for Vietnam Mission


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The life of faith

Life of faith is life of communion with God.  It is possible to live on faith only when there is a rediscovery of the meaning of God’s presence in our personal and community life.  God must be given the place He deserves because He is the only, the supreme love.  He should be the centre of our thoughts, our choices, and our decisions.

Woman in deep thought

“I felt His loving presence”

This life of faith that is centred in God develops concretely by:

  • walking in His presence (Gen 17:1) with humble respect towards Him who walks with us
  • listening to His Word with an attitude of silence in order to give all the interior resonances that converts, touches and transforms
  • putting ourselves in communion with Him with a prayer of faith that acknowledges our limitations and weaknesses in doing any good work; the need of depending continuously on God through a constant recourse to Him
  • recognising the essential value of adoration in the Liturgy and in the personal commitment of prayer.  This is a complete journey of grace which is suggested to us and that we have to follow with humility and fidelity

Saint Annibale says:

If only we would often meditate on the truth of faith, if we would often be recollected at the divine presence, if we would love meditation and be perseverant in it for hours, and moreover, if we would keep in mind during the whole day and in our every action the mysteries of faith, what supernatural changes would take place in us!  Little by little, a ray of God’s infinite light would penetrate us while the darkness would be filled with divine light… and Heavenly fire would inflame our hearts and would efficaciously stir our will (A R p165)

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Mother Nazarena, our legacy

Madre Maria NazarenaHer life was exemplary, her faith deeply rooted in Christ of the Rogate, her commitment and fidelity beyond compare. On 25 January 2014 in Marikina (Philippines) we celebrated Madre Maria Nazarena Majone‘s 75th year of her death anniversary.  It was at this celebration that the little knowledge I had about her was deepened. I am grateful for the relentless efforts of Sr Darlen Pardillo and Sr Dolores Acluba who did everything to unveil the secrets of Mother Nazarena, especially her spirituality.

From the first moment I was in contact with the Sisters, I knew Mother Nazarena as a co-foundress of the Institute. Nothing less, nothing more, I knew just the basic information about her, like any other ordinary person whom I had met.

Madre Nazarena with Children

Madre Nazarena with Children

Mother Nazarena’s teaching about life is so simple. From the very outset of her life as an aspirant of the Institute of our Father Founder, Fr Annibale Maria Di Francia (Fr Hannibal), Mother Nazarena was convinced of her vocation.  She knew that the very essence of her life was Christ. I really admire her when she says “if Jesus is here, we have everything”.  This happened when she and her friend Carmela D’Amore visited and saw the place where they were planning to plunge themselves into following Christ and serving their neighbour with a burning holy desire.

What really inspired me in the course of the three-day celebration were:

  • the pains and sufferings that Mother Nazarena bore,
  • her faith and trust as she put everything into the hands of God, knowing the fact that the Institute was new and yet to be established,
  • her obedience to the will of God and to Fr Hannibal and
  • how she humbled herself in submission to authority.

As a young Daughter of Divine Zeal, I treasure what I have learned about Mother Nazarena’s life. I do not have to look at the other models of faith because she and the Father Founder are enough to teach me the way of sanctity and perfection in following the Lord. Her life and my life do not have much difference. Her calling is my calling too. All I have to do is try to intensify my relationship with God and to remain faithful in my commitment of loving Him.

Sr Lillette Marie V Naquita, fdz

Life beyond teaching

Life is the most precious gift that we have receive from God.  Life is not just about appreciating the gifts I personally have but also the gifts that come along my way and become part of my life’s treasures. The children who are in dire need of care and love and most especially wisdom are some of my dearest treasures. When God called me to become a catechesis teacher in the Tahanang Divino Zelo (with the Daughters of Divine Zeal) Silang, Cavite in the Philippines every Sunday, I felt that this was the time of giving service to children.

Children playing
It is quite inspiring and encouraging when in the first hour of the morning I can already see the smiles that rush upon the children’s faces and their eyes that speak of their hunger to learn more. I know that there is a need to instil in them this: “To know God is the first stage of wisdom”.

At first it was very hard for me to teach the children because they come from different families, influences and backgrounds. But as time went by, with all the things I have learned from their lives, sharing simple thoughts and complicated experiences, I began to love it, and to engage in the exchange of different ideas with them, sharing their cries and laughter. This somehow opened our doors to start caring and be comfortable with one another.

I know that the knowledge that I impart with them may not be enough but I believe that with the little I do share with them, I can slowly help them to discover and enhance the giftedness they have as a person created by God. This gives me a life beyond teaching.

Ms Cherry Solero, UPV
3rd Year Education
Rogationist College-Silang, Cavite, Philippines

We remember, we celebrate, we live

Two FDZ PostulantsThe 75th Death Anniversary of Mother Nazarena (25 January), Co-foundress of FDZ Congregation was the occasion for all members of Rogate family gathering to review her legacy. With the presence of Sr Lisa and Sr Rita, representatives of our Mother General – Teolinda Salemi and her council. Moreover, the day’s events were really meaningful because of the 75 poor families invited. In the homily of Fr Herman (RCJ), he repeated many times the word of Mother Nazarena: “If we have Jesus, we have everything”.

Mother Nazarena was a simple woman but “Her heart full of love”. Yes, Mother’s heart was full of love for she always saw Jesus in the poor and the orphans. Although she did not have many writings, her life was a treasure for me to learn about; especially, about how she entrusted to the will and providence of God in every circumstance of her life.

For me as a Postulant I have learned how to trust God more and to be humble enough to acknowledge that I am nothing and that God is all, following the example of Mother Nazarena.

Poverty is not only the lack of material things.  Through the poor people whom I met on that day, I was reminded that I am also a poor person in front of God, and I must hope in His mercy.

Lucia Bui Thi Huyen Linh


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