Prayer Requests

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few; pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.” (Mt 9:35-38)

Do you have a vocational prayer you would like to share?  Perhaps you need prayer for the vocational discernment or journey of yourself and/or someone you know.  Please feel welcome to submit it using the reply form at the bottom of this page.

Submission guidelines:

  • Respect the privacy of others – use only the first names of those you are praying for
  • Any unacceptable comments will not be published

Thank you and God bless


  1. Please sisters can you pray for my son William. He is the father of 6 young children and has an aggressive terminal kidney cancer that has metastacised. I am begging for a healing and new kidney so we will know this is the glory of the Father. Please also pray for the conversino of my husband and children and their families. God bless you. I am begging St. Annibale and little Luisa to pray for this miracle.

    • Dear Maryanne

      Since receiving your message we have been praying for William and all your family members during this difficult time. God is very much with you, wrapping His loving arms around each person you hold so close to your heart.

      With ongoing prayers and blessings

      Daughters of Divine Zeal

      • thank you sisters with all of my heart, we have now more troubles in the family so this is very much appreciated, Maryanne

      • Dear Maryanne

        Be assured that you and your family are in the daily prayers of our community.

        Sending you a spiritual hug and blessings

        Daughters of Divine Zeal

  2. Pray That The Lord Will Bless My House And All Of My Friends In This Life That I Will Keep The Ten Commandments

    • Dear Joseph

      We pray that you, all at your home and your friends will be abundantly blessed as you strive to live in the way, truth and life of our Lord.

      Daughters of Divine Zeal, Australia

  3. Dear Lord
    My son will be undergoing a brain surgery on 28 Mar 19 to remove a congenital nerve malformation (AVM) in his brains.
    If you will Lord, please heal him with your healing hands so that there is no need for surgery
    If he has to go through the surgery, please be with the Neurosurgeon and his team guiding them through the surgery so that all will be well with him

    • Dear Philip

      We join you, together with others around the world, in prayer for your son’s upcoming surgery. May you and your family feel our Lord’s steadfast and encompassing love even more, for we know that where at least two gather in His name, He is with us (Matthew 18:20).

      God bless your son, your family, yourself and all in the medical team who will diligently look after your son and all in their care.

      Daughters of Divine Zeal, Australia

      • Dear Sisters Thanks very much for your prayers. Thank you Lord God Bless Philip


      • Dear Sisters

        My son Ashwin’s brain surgery is confirmed on 28 March 19. Kindly uphold him in your prayers.  May the good Lord bless your ministry.


      • Dear Philip

        Thank you for your update on Ashwin from your last message on 13 February. Rest assured that your son will be in our prayers, as you all shall be as you prepare for next week’s surgery. May Ashwin, you, your family and friends, and all involved in his treatment feel the guiding and loving hand and heart of the Lord most especially on this day and in the days to come.

        With prayers encircling each one of you and God’s blessings

        Daughters of Divine Zeal, Australia

      • Dear Sisters Thanks very much for your prayers God bless your ministry Philip


      • Dear Sisters

        By the grace of God Almighty, my son’s surgery went well. He was discharged on 8 Apr 19 and is back home. He has some weakness on his left hand and is undergoing physiotherapy

        I want to give glory to our Lord Jesus for his kindness and mercy  for the healing of my son. I also want to thank Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession of my son

        On behalf of my family, I also wish to thank you sisters for your prayers. It gave us strength in this difficult period that we were going through.

        May God abundantly bless all of you in your ministry



      • Dear Philip

        Thank you again for keeping us up to date on the outcome of your son’s surgery and follow up treatment.

        With praise and gratitude to our Lord who accompanies us in our times of challenge and joy! The Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession is powerful indeed as it ultimately originates from that source of Divine Love that cannot but care so deeply for us, the children of God.

        May your son, your family and you continue to feel accompanied by Him and that gentle spirit of love and prayer that surrounds each one of us at every moment of our lives.

        With all blessings

        Daughters of Divine Zeal Sisters

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