Prayer Requests

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few; pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.” (Mt 9:35-38)

Do you have a vocational prayer you would like to share?  Perhaps you need prayer for the vocational discernment or journey of yourself and/or someone you know.  Please feel welcome to submit it using the reply form at the bottom of this page.

Submission guidelines:

  • Respect the privacy of others – use only the first names of those you are praying for
  • Any unacceptable comments will not be published

Thank you and God bless


  1. Hi,
    My prayer request is, please pray that God Easies from me our pain, forgives my sins, increases me in faith, removes my worries, and walks with me, helps me, heals my emotional pain, removes all fights that occur in my family, making us a loving family, increases my eyesight, my sister and mom get less strict and I become an emotionally, mentally and physically strong person, and get successful in this life and the afterlife.

    So I have missed a semester of school coz my family thinks someone is following us, we have been to any provinces. My family also has PTSD. I have gotten social anxiety now and my sister says her youth is gone. Well what about all these years my teenagehood is gone. And I have so many dreams to achieve but unfortunately I haven’t been able to coz of this problem. Can’t hangout with friends, no school ATM, social anxiety increased, and it is soon hard when I did go to school move again and again and not able to reconnect with those friends. It hurts and makes me sad and it is heart breaking. I have even had sucidial thoughts. Please pray for me. I will feel soo blessed if you do. Please. I feel emotionally broken and kinda hopeless but if you guys pray for me, me also, I believe God will help me
    Izzy (age 16)

  2. God Save Eric McD!!!!

    Prayer Request:
    Please pray for Eric McD – Pray for his salvation. Pray that God’s love will heal Eric’s heart, Eric’s mind and Eric’s soul. Pray for God’s BEST for Eric. Eric suffers from mental and emotion serious problems. He needs real help. We do not know where he is now nor how he may be…. We are concerned about his future.

    He needs to meet real christian friends that will help and encouragement… He needs to find a GOOD Church where he can find a christian home and friends. He needs a GOOD pastor to teach him…

    He has been suffered and hurt him from childhood.

    Pray God will teach Eric to be filled with happiness, joy, peace, and hope.

    Eric needs to be part of a good church-a place of prayer and faith!!!

    Pray for a miracle healing in his heart, soul, spirit, and life. Pray for experience of forgiveness and the grace to forgive those that hurt him. He needs to be free from bitterness danger…

    Please stand with Eric;pray he can and will be able to go home a new man in Christ… Pray all demonic attacks will be broken forever.

    I want Eric to see his Savior, Lord, Redeemer, Friend, and Helper!!!!


    Thank You,
    Alfred O B Jr

    • Dear Alfred

      Thank you for your prayer request. We appreciate your love and concern for Eric and you may rest assured of our prayers.

      You stated some particular intentions and we pray for these. We continue to hope in God’s mercy and help for Eric. We also entrust him to God, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Our Lady Help of Christians.

      God bless you both.

      Daughters of Divine Zeal

  3. Dear In Christ Jesus/Mother Mary

    Please do pray for my relationship with Mr. Ruban J, We both like each other but because of people in b/w me and Ruban have created many misunderstanding. Where with this confusion Ruban as stated that i dont like you Jyothi. I dont know why, But i came to know because of some people he is very much misunderstanding me and my family. But really Ruban is very good at heart, i know this. I tried to clear his confusion but right now we both dont talk with each other even we see. I want Ruban only to talk with me, and revile his love to me and propose me I love you Jyothi. Even Ruban’s mom should agree for our marriage. His mom should come to my home to give marriage proposal to me. Please do pray for this reason. I want Restoration in my relationship. I have got many insults due to this relationship but i trust Jesus because he put my head on top by making this marriage a successful one Ruban weds Jyothi. I bind this request in the blood of Jesus Christ Amen.

    • Dear Jyothi

      It is good that you are keeping close to Jesus and Mary in prayer for enlightenment as you reflect upon your situation in life. We can feel your longing for this vocation to marriage and we will pray for you, Ruban and all families that God’s will be done and that there will be an acceptance of His desire for your lives. Pray for peace in all hearts. God bless you.

      Daughters of Divine Zeal

      • Please pray that my marriage should get fixed immediately this month only without any delay as I am waiting from long time I AM so upset n depressed feeling lonely I AM 32 age now many are hurting iam feeling ashamed to face people no happiness in my life. I want my life partner I can’t live this life alone.please pray for my marriage

      • Dear Mary

        Thank you for reaching out to us. Be at peace knowing that we shall pray for your marriage. There will be many others around the world reading your request right now who will, no doubt, also pray for you.

        Please do not feel ashamed, there are many who find themselves in the same situation, facing difficulties, hurts, and hopes and dreams that have not (yet) been fulfilled according to what we imagined in our life. God knows our joys and distresses and keeps us close to His heart as He hears our prayers. Not knowing when or in what manner He shall respond can be a testing time for us human beings – but through this time we are not alone as, firstly, He is there with us. Secondly, if you are unable to have a deeper communication within your marriage to share how you feel, see if you can speak about your situation to a priest, sister, friend or family member. Sorrows shared are often divided and we can gain strength and a different perspective from another heart that is sincerely listening to yours.

        Your call for prayer says that your hope to overcome the current challenges in your marriage and life in general is strong – likewise, God does not and will not abandon that hope for the two of you. He is the Divine Love that brought you and your husband together.

        With ongoing prayers for you, your husband and your marriage

        Daughters of Divine Zeal

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