Following Jesus in the Gospel

Following Jesus in the Gospel who is calling 72 disciples with the mission to prepare His arrival, we say: “Lord, we are not surprised that your message sometimes is not accepted, because yours is a totally new teaching. You put the person before the law, you overturn the logic of sacrifice, sacrificing yourself. You reveal a God who loves everyone, pours out mercy without conditions, makes all things new.

“Even today your Gospel is an annoying goad for our consciences because it opens a wider horizon of our provincial views and our short-sighted judgments. Open ourselves, Lord, to your Word to be capable of a good that knows how to go beyond all laws, beyond all duties, beyond all measure.

“Lord, increase our Faith, make us believers, not gullible. Teach us to live this time characterised by insecurity, precariousness and violence, in order to be good workers in your harvest, credible witnesses of your Gospel with our choices routed on what does not pass and the ability not to bind ourselves to false certainties of wealth and power, but bringing always your Word, capable to generate peace and deep joy.”


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