Open our eyes, ears and heart

The Gospel makes ours the question of the Doctor of the Law “Teacher, what to do to have eternal life and to obtain true happiness?” Jesus’ response with the parable of the good Samaritan “Go and do the same” is a challenge for each of us and leads us to prayer:

Lord, open our eyes as we walk the streets of the times we live in.

Make our hearts compassionate, like yours, to bring love to those who suffer.

Make us your witnesses in the world, without conditions and limits.

Teach us the free freshness of those who have only the Gospel announced and lived in their hearts.

Give us strength, passion and determination on the journey, to follow your example, live like you and repeat the example of the good Samaritan.

Open our eyes to notice your presence in others who hold out their hand and question us.

May your Word be light for our steps, support us and accompany us towards the truth of ourselves.

Teach us to listen to it with a sincere and free heart to bring your light to those who walk in darkness and error, so that everything becomes bright and joyful.

In the many crossroads of our existence, your example remains a lamp in the night, sun in the clouds, oxygen for our life.

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ


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