Lord, I listen, I speak

In the Gospel, Jesus, a guest with the apostles in the house of the sisters Martha and Mary, invites us to evaluate the meaning of our activities and the value of listening to the Word of God which illuminates our choices and our steps. To him we say: “Lord, we want to remain at your feet, like Mary, to listen to your Word. As you can see in our hearts, we are often tired on the journey of life and we ask you to enter our personal history to help us get out of that desert that we experience in our hearts despite the thousands of commitments of every day. Help us to leave that loneliness we have built for fear of loving and suffering. Come to us and let the best part of ourselves sprout, let us shine with your light, opening our heart to new horizons. Shake us from the torpor to those around us, holding their hands. The need to ‘unplug’ for a period of rest does not prevent us from listening to their voices and makes our hearts vibrate, with passion, to the rhythm of yours. Take us to a lonely place to rest, listening to your voice that reaches the heart, the darkest and most hidden depths of the soul. Like gentle rain that sprinkles barren land, your Word will make hope, joy and so much restorative peace blossom.”

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ


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