Following through the narrow door

Following Jesus on his way to Jerusalem to accomplish the will of the Father, offering the total gift of his life for the salvation of humanity, we say: “Lord, thank you for teaching us how to reach true joy, thank you for every spark of heaven you give to our history, for every ray of light with which you brighten the nights of our hearts.

In a world that believes only in money, politics and makes science a religion, in this society of ours that seems to have excluded you from everyday life, we want to profess our faith and go through the narrow door you are indicating to us. Not that easy way of fashion, pleasure and political correctness in an increasingly confused and sick world, but the narrow door leading to the Father from whom we also accept corrections as proof of His Love. The One who is giving meaning to life, to events, to the people around us; a love that shakes, heals, consoles and waters our soul like a delicate rain that makes the fruit of charity sprout. Teach us to become love, capable of taking charge of those who no longer have the inner strength to get up and go on

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ


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