The little we have and the little we are

To the Lord who, after feeding a multitude with only five loaves of bread and two fish, was misunderstood in the invitation to share and to seek the true Bread of Life, we say: “Lord, your gestures teach us to share the little we treasure to meet the needs of others. Teach us to sow gestures capable of generating life in the world. When the fear of poverty pushes us to hold back, show us the paths of sharing that lead to a new future, starting today. Make us courageous in offering our poverty, the little we have and the little we are. Sometimes we think that strength can save the world, or wealth can feed it, but what will save us all will be Love and what will feed us will be the courage to give ourselves. Here, Lord, is our ‘little’, it’s insufficient, fragile, alone we will not change history, nor will we feed the planet, or will find a solution to the sufferings. Yet, you ask us to donate the little we have, to freely offer our intelligence, creativity, passion, inner strength or weakness, our few loaves of bread. We trust you, certain that in your hands everything will multiply for the good of the world. Faced with the evil that wounds history and our life, teach us to have a look similar to yours, capable of waiting, of believing in the good that will sprout. Teach us to become builders of peace in the environments we live in, among the friends we know, in everything that lives and revolves around us.”

Tomorrow, 02 August, I will remember the 49th anniversary of my Priestly Ordination in Messina, Italy in 1973. I will bring with me to the celebration of the Mass all those who have been and remain part of my Priesthood during these years, so that the Lord may bless them generously for all the good done together, thanks to God’s help.

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ

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