Inspiration for a decisive action

I would like to reminisce about the wonderful events we have had these past months in our community and in the Our Lady of Divine Zeal (OLDZ) Province. We had the canonical visitation of Mo. Daria Ortega, our Zoom participation with the FDZ sisters on retreat with the input of Bishop Broderick Pabillo, and the Charismatic day with the lay people online and so on.

These events can be seen as a God-given grace for individuals and the community. What made these events so significant in my life? I had some realisations and enlightenment which I have since treasured in my heart. The best among them was the transpiring words from Bishop Pabillo when he said: “be simple” and “live as you are”. The impact of these words was so great in my heart, I pondered them over and over. They became like a jewel in my life. I felt such a great invitation to live my life more meaningfully, to have a life evermore pleasing to God. These words increased my desire to live each day leading to the end for which I am created; to praise, love and serve God alone.

My awareness of and identity as a ‘beloved daughter of God’, called to the religious life, has been very much deepened as a Daughter of Divine Zeal called to holiness. It is such an amazing gift that I have received from God. It leads me to think of all that He has done for me. Yes! He died on the cross for my salvation and, not only that, He became human for me so that I may love as He loves me. To be in love with Jesus involves the willingness to be possessed by Him and do His will.

Acknowledging His great love, and what He has done for me, leads me to reciprocate with a deep love and gratitude. It is an immense challenge. If others can love Christ wholeheartedly then why can’t I? I can! The grace of God is enough. The only thing I need is to allow my whole being to be led where Christ wants me to be. The Christ who said: “You must be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt. 5: 48). This might be a challenge for some too, if not all! What to do then? Embrace the new inspiration in life and take a decisive action on it!

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