The glory of God’s love

As the few line of the song goes” When somebody loves you, it’s no good unless he loves you, all the way…” God indeed shows a matchless explication of His outright and indubitable LOVE towards sinful humanity as He sent His only begotten Son – the totality of the expression of His LOVE. This Son, handed over the fullness of Himself to save humanity, all the way to the cross. The reason for our Alleluia! That’s how love should be, it must be all-embracing, all-out, all-inclusive because it will not have its GLORY if it takes only some conditions and just a part of it!

The reality of this loving, one must take the greatest pain in order to give life and Jesus veritably took not just the greatest pain but at the threshold of doing out His life through His death on the cross, the act of the Divine Humility. Call to mind that the Lords Passion was not a footlight of a Divine Lover to Humanity but was a real passionate anguish of God’s heart to take us back to Himself.  In His death there is the NEW LIFE! There is then the birth of the greatest Alleluia of all time.

The love of God takes its full glory, upon winning victoriously the sting of death through the resurrection of Jesus – our Saviour. This love will be continuously glorious if we audaciously take our part as His disciples of our now and be witnesses of His resurrection in our daily lives, the scrimmage between good and evil. It did not end on His triumph of the cross, of His victorious resurrection, of His glorified ascension into Heaven but goes on through our very own journey in the perfection of charity.  One must take hold of one’s personal experiences and live out this glory of love with prodigious confidence and faith to the One who offered His body and blood. Shaping oneself in an impressible quirk to be truly purified each single day with much gratitude, despite of some unpleasant realities brought about by hardships, brokenness.  Even in loneliness and in pain, we staunchly utter this greatest Alleluia – his very own resurrection and be truly a firsthand Easter witness just like Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, who were also people of imperfections and went through a lot in life before they uttered their own Easter glorious praises.

There is always glory in loving, if one learns not to stop in loving.

There is always glory in love, if one learns the true language which is not giving up instead taking it all – pains and joys. It has been laid out by our Lord Jesus who loves beyond measure, the TRUE LOVE which gives life and is glorified.

Sr. M. Glenda, fdz

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