Our attitude towards others

The Gospel reading of Luke 4:22-30 presents to us the account of Jesus’ returning to his hometown, when he would preach the Word of God and bring healing to his people. However, it did not happen as what our Lord had desired because of the people’s attitude.

Not so long before that, people witnessed the goodness Jesus had done for them. They valued it and therefore they praised him. However, very shortly after that, they turned their attitude upside down as they were enraged at his teachings and wanted to throw him off a cliff. All these happened because of their jealousy and prejudice. The result was that Jesus could not do miracles for them.

Our attitude might be similar to that of those people. At times, as long as we like or love someone, we highly praise them. Or more importantly, if they make some mistakes, it is easy for us to forgive them. But when things do not go well as we wanted, or they are a little bit over the acceptable limit, our attitude towards them is totally changed. All the goodness which they have done for us becomes meaningless to us and more seriously we become indifferent towards them.

Through this Gospel, we are invited to look at any attitude of denial and opposition that we have, and we ask God for his grace, that we might get rid of our prejudiced or narrow thoughts on others, so that we might be able to accept them, enable more good things to happen to them as well as to ourselves.

Fr Tang Phan

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