Follow the right path

The Lord is good and upright. He shows the path to those who stray. He guides the humble in the right path. He teaches his way to the poor.

Psalm 25

Life is a journey. Throughout our life we journey and no one knows when it will end. This is not something to make us worry. What is important is to live life directed to God, choosing a good path through life. We can ask God to teach us his paths that we may walk in his truth.

In our journey it is not always easy to know which paths will bring us closer to God. Sometimes we may think we are on the right path but it is the path that leads us away from God. As we travel we will come to many crossroads and each time we will have to ask: Which is the way to faithfulness and love? God surely will show us the way. He guides not only the humble and the poor but even those who go astray. This is a consolation for us that even when we go astray, our loving God calls us back to the right path.

If we seek to follow the right path, the Lord will help us to make progress in the life we meant to live. We can ask the Lord to guide us and teach us his ways. We can pray with the psalmist:

Lord, make me know your ways. Teach me your paths. Make me walk in your truth, and teach me. For you are my God, my saviour.

Psalm 25

Sr Yolanda J Nava, FDZ

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