A channel of life

To Jesus who in the Gospel introduces Himself as the Bread coming down from Heaven for the life of the world, with Saint Paul who echoes with precious indications for the life of the believers, we say: “Lord, as Body given and blessed, teach us to inhabit the world and the history, guide us to live in order to be a channel of life, instruments of liberation, signs of salvation. You made yourself broken bread for us, feed us on yourself to love like you. Time and space belong to you, live in them and be present among us, so that our every gesture and every word can be a sign and seed of your Love, so that salvation may pour out on all wounded humanity today. Help us to believe that you are alive and present in the Eucharist so that our every choice is not moved by us, but by God, guiding into the gift of ourselves in search of new shades of charity.”

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ

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