Simply simple heart

Simplicity is the real beauty of one’s soul. It is God’s great gift to many. A simple heart never sees anything as threatening nor speaks or comments with pride but with gentleness and respect. It corrects but never despises anyone nor rejoices over the failures and mistakes of the others.

Souls with a simple heart make each one at home to themselves and warm the hearts of young or old, rich or poor, intelligent or otherwise, because their hearts know nothing but LOVE and this love is the love of God, the life-giving love.

The simple hearted are not threatened by the existence of the others with greater capabilities nor with certain giftedness but delight on these, rejoice over them and praise God. Indeed they are grateful enough for such amazing people around them. The simple hearted ones understand the capacity and the limitations of the others. They never even have a thought of comparing themselves to the others who are also unique and beloved individuals. They lay everything before God and humble themselves before Him and to everyone. They know nothing but to welcome and embrace with love each and everyone. Though the struggle is real, they never doubt the grace of God poured in their hearts.

The simple hearted suffer from the expectations of the world but they never hate them. Instead, they take it as an avenue for growth in Charity, to be a sign of hope and faith in all seasons. They simply grow little by little in the hands of the Creator with deep GRATITUDE because they know they live only by His grace, day by day and loved by being uniquely who they are!

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