To love and become broken bread

The compassion of Jesus for the crowds leads Him to multiply five loaves and two fish which, when shared, are able to satisfy a great multitude. Considering God’s Love and his Providence, we say confidently: “Lord Jesus, with a heart open to our needs, help us discover the hunger and thirst that is killing our hearts and weakening our desires. Those who no longer have hope die of hunger and thirst, fraternity dies because of indifference and many poor die, while very few live in opulence. Our society grows old and dies of individualism, the heart dies trapped by disappointments and ideas die because they are not listened to, just as dreams thirsty die or the future. Give us strength and courage, Lord Jesus help us to get our hands dirty, so as not to stay and look at the needs of others from afar, make us attentive and generous, full of hope, strong so as not to give in to difficulties and discouragement. Like you, we want to love and become broken bread for each of our brothers and sisters, convinced that we come to the world with nothing, and we take nothing with us when we leave it, but the good we have done in sharing what little we have.”

Fr Carmelo Capizzi RCJ

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