Jesus’ kingship

Today’s Gospel (John 18:33-37) gives us a better understanding of Jesus’ kingship. The kings of the world always try to use any possible means to achieve momentary power which makes others serve them. However, Jesus, our Heavenly King, is different, as his royal power is to serve, to love and to rule our hearts.

First, Jesus came to serve, not to be served. In his ministry, Jesus always came to the aid of the sick, poor, the outcast… to provide them their needs, especially bring them the Good News of Salvation. And at the Last Supper, he stooped down to wash the feet of his disciples.

Next, Jesus came to offer us his love. Out of love, he came into the world. Because of love, he accepted death to give life to the human race. By his love, shown in the Sacrifice of the Cross, he broke down all boundaries and brought together all peoples into fraternity and into God’s family of love.

Lastly, Jesus is the King who rules our hearts. This ruling does not mean controlling, but making us belong to him. Our King wants us to wholeheartedly and sincerely seek him, and diligently carry out his teachings both in the way we love and serve, so that our hearts always belong to him, to him alone. God’s Kingdom is the Kingdom of love and service.

We all are journeying toward this Kingdom. And our King is journeying with us in all areas of our life, to encourage and strengthen us.

May Mother Mary and Saint Patrick help us as we take part in the service and love of Jesus’ Kingship.

Fr Tang Phan

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