Tiny whispering sound

God speaks to us in various ways. He comes to us in the silence. Only when we are still can we notice that he is present because he talks to us not in the noise of the many voices within us but in the tranquillity of our heart. If we are not at peace we will be hearing ourselves rather than God.

I woke up one morning with negative emotion. I felt the agitation deep within me as I got up from bed, maybe because I did not get a good night’s sleep. At prayer I could not concentrate. I was rather listening to myself. My meditation was fruitless. I tried to look for some text to suit my mood but these did not say anything to me. The time I spent in the chapel seemed endless. I was getting bored so I decided to have my breakfast with hope to feel better. From the kitchen I peeped through the window. It was windy outside seemingly adding to the agitation I felt within me. It was spring time so the garden was in bloom. I took my camera and started taking photo shoots to take my attention away from myself. I did not find meaning in it at all. God seemed so distant. I didn’t feel his presence. I went back to the chapel hoping to find an answer. I went back to pray. I was inspired to read 1 Kings 19:11-12. In that passage God powerfully spoke to me. I was quiet for some time to allow the Word to sink in me. As I was reflecting I realised I was full of myself so I could not let God occupy a space in me. I kept listening to my feelings. With all humility I acknowledged my refusal to forgive because of the hurt inflicted in me. Recognising my immature reaction helped me to be at peace.

Sometimes we are not aware that we are the cause of our own problem. We lose our serenity because God is not present in us. No matter how we search we cannot find him because we don’t allow him to come to us. Actually he is just around waiting to be given a place in our heart. He comes like a whispering sound.

The following poem expresses the experience of one who longs to find God, not in the chaos around, but deep within a quiet heart.

The Gentle Breeze

God of my life
I come seeking for you

I listen to the wind,
So mighty and strong

I hear a thousand sounds
Coming from all around

But you’re not there,
Not even here to find

I stand before the mountain,
Of my longing heart

I hear the sound
Of a gentle breeze

Blowing softly, touching gently
To refresh a weary soul

O gentle breeze,
Within a gentle heart

I breathe in life
And sing with joy

For you are resting
Within my longing heart

Sr. Yolanda J. Nava, FDZ

Image Credit: Photo by Jamieson Murphy on Unsplash

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