In His Hands

Admiring the feelings of Jesus towards the woman who had been sick for 12 years and the twelve-year-old daughter of Jairus, we say: “Lord, how many fears cloud our joy every day, how many worries we experience in our life, how many anxieties for the future paralyze us, yet Your voice, like light in the deep night, resounds and gives hope: do not fear, do not be afraid, trust, have faith in me. A few words that You repeat every moment, reactivating to our life.

We want to say THANK YOU, Lord for how much You give us every day, for the life, for the time, for the rising sun, for the smiles we meet and for the hands we hold. Thank You for the tender and delicate caresses with which You silently reach us, for Your patient waiting for our answers, for those thousand forms of inner healing that restore peace to our hearts. We look at the sky and we entrust ourselves to You, we contemplate the eternal passing of time, the birth of every creature and we entrust ourselves to You, God of the heaven and of the earth. We know we are in Your hands like a precious pearl that You keep, we are in the palm of Your hand and nothing scares us in the present and in the future because You are with us and You love us.”

Fr Carmelo Cappizi, rcj

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