The friend who loves without measure

Having as a model the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus and our heavenly Mother, we say:

O Lord, Your message in today’s Gospel,
part of your testament,
sums up your life’s example,
moves us and fills us with joy.

You are truly special, Lord.

You are the friend who loves without measure,
to the point of sacrificing your own life.

You are the one
who always knows where to find our soul.

You are the tireless sower of trust and love.

You are the unexpected ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Your presence among us, whom you call as friends, is not poetry,
nor is your singular way of loving us and
giving us back to life in the most difficult moments,
such as those we have been experiencing for over a year now.

You have chosen us as friends,
because today, by going into this world,
we can all sow the same love that you give to each of us.

Fr Carmelo, rcj

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