A special breakfast invitation

The Risen Jesus prepared food for the apostles while they were fishing. Once they returned to shore, Jesus invited them to have breakfast. Making this meal is how he cared for them. They were always together – Jesus’ presence gave the apostles such complete joy. It is also the same when we have the Eucharistic Celebration that Jesus always prepares for us – and everyone is invited to the banquet.

The message for us is that we never miss out any meals, especially with family or even in a religious community because it is an important common act of the day. No matter how simple its preparation, whether for a big or small gathering, for a quick bite or for a moment to take a good time to eat, these meals are important because they nourish our body and give us energy to work all day long. This is the same in the Celebration of the Eucharist. Jesus daily prepares a banquet for us. Being with the Lord is important – we do not want to miss out on this time with Him. He nourishes our spiritual being to have the strength for our spiritual journey.

Whenever you can, share these mealtimes with your family or within the community. We have three meals a day, and any snack times. If it is possible, try to share a meal with others at least once a day. ‘Breaking bread’ together is a beautiful moment.

Many people miss out on being together during meal times, especially families. In our world we also see people who are starving and have nothing to eat. They are looking for their daily food. Likewise, in the Celebration of the Mass there are many lost souls, starved of the presence of God, who never attend Mass. They never spend that time with Jesus who longs so much to nourish their heart and spirit with His presence. This is a free meal with Jesus. He is always with us in the Church, waiting for us with great love and patience.

Lord, we thank you for the Spiritual Banquet that you have prepared and continue to prepare for us every day. We encounter You in Your Word in the Divine Scriptures. You are present in the Minister, in the breaking of the bread, amongst us. Help us and give us strength to be together in our worship. Bring us into Your presence where our encounter with You means we are never truly hungry and thirsty again. Amen.

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