Please pray with us

Pray for vocations 2021

You are invited to join us in our Chapel on Sunday 25 April 2021 at 3pm for one hour of Eucharistic Adoration on the 58th World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  Our Chapel is at 311 Church Street, Richmond (please enter via Brougham Street) [Map].

Not in Melbourne? You can still join us in praying for vocations wherever you are in the world, for example:  “Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church!”

In this Year of St Joseph, Pope Francis’ message for this special day of prayer focuses on Saint Joseph: The Dream of Vocation.

“God looks on the heart (cf. 1 Sam 16:7), and in Saint Joseph he recognized the heart of a father, able to give and generate life in the midst of daily routines. Vocations have this same goal: to beget and renew lives every day. The Lord desires to shape the hearts of fathers and mothers: hearts that are open, capable of great initiatives, generous in self-giving, compassionate in comforting anxieties and steadfast in strengthening hopes. The priesthood and the consecrated life greatly need these qualities nowadays, in times marked by fragility but also by the sufferings due to the pandemic, which has spawned uncertainties and fears about the future and the very meaning of life. Saint Joseph comes to meet us in his gentle way, as one of ‘the saints next door’. At the same time, his strong witness can guide us on the journey.” — Pope Francis, — His Holiness Pope Francis, Message Of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 2021 World Day of Vocations, 25 April 2021

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