Our hearts sing Alleluia!

We are rejoicing and singing Alleluias because the Lord is risen! The women were so excited to visit the tomb where Jesus’ body had been laid down upon a new tomb which had never been used. They took the risk of pursuing their planned visit. Even though these women were so anxious and had fear in their hearts, they still had the great desire and took great courage to do this. It was an expression of their love for Jesus that inspired and challenged them. They chose the right time to sneak out from the group to visit the tomb: very early in the morning they went out so that nobody would notice them going out. They brought what they needed to anoint the body of Jesus. They were so preoccupied, worried and anxious about who could roll the big stone from the entrance of the tomb. However, they had a big surprise when they came upon the tomb and saw that the entrance was already opened.

There are moments in our life, too, when we take courage and are called to be brave to do something good for others which can sometimes appear to be taking risks. In reality, we recall these moments as the times when it was necessary to do this with a good purpose. Convinced that we are doing something good for others gives us greater confidence to carry this out fearlessly and out of love.

The excitement of these women at seeing the opened tomb doubled and was so intense when suddenly a young man i in a white robe told them that the man they were looking for, Jesus of Nazareth, had risen from the dead. He had gone ahead to Galilee and wanted to see them all there. The women joyfully ran back to the apostles and announced the Good News of Jesus’ Resurrection! Their sorrows turned into a great joy.

The encounter of Jesus in our life brings so much joy in our own hearts. This happiness and excitement cannot be kept within. It comes out naturally to be shared with others. Joy radiates to others and becomes the light that we partake with the Divine Light of Jesus. Any darkness we have experienced vanishes because Christ’s Light dispels the darkness in our life. Our hearts jubilantly sing Alleluias! This is the melodious song we hear in every one’s heart for those who bear the Light of Christ.

Let us continue to be witnesses to Christ resurrected today just like the women who courageously announced the risen Christ over 2000 years ago.

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