He was taken

The passion of Christ has taught us many things; they are lessons in life that challenge and give us inspiration for how we can deal with the trials, difficulties and pains of life. Christians recall, remember, commemorate ,and mourn the Paschal mysteries of our Lord Jesus Christ. This time marks this history and in every Christian heart we know how great is His love for us.

Many of us can relate to the difficulties experienced in life, particularly in these times due to the pandemic where many lives have been lost. We have also had disasters brought on by natural calamities. How do we deal with all of these times? Only prayer will help us to ease the pains in our heart. Let us keep our eyes upon Jesus and He will lead us and teach us what to do.

We remember that the Lord was taken. He was taken by the government authorities and the soldiers as He was condemned to death. After His death He was taken down from the cross and buried in a nearby tomb. He was taken by the Father in heaven who sent His only beloved Son so we could experience Jesus’ presence and His great love for us. It was a heavy drama of Jesus’ last day: by His cross and resurrection He has indeed redeemed the world.

Jesus was taken by the Father yet He is always with us, as He promised. The journey is not yet over. Let us be His servants and continue to follow Jesus’ footsteps, the way towards the eternal destiny where He has prepared a place for us.

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